Beginner cake decorator intensive course

The class is 6 days long and teaches the beginner cake decorator all required skills: from assembling the cake to its delivery to the client.

Course schedule

Sugar Paste (2 days)

  • Preparing the cake for decoration, smoothing out the surface of the cake and the most common custards used with sugar paste and marzipan; preparing cakes with soft fillings for covering; the secrets of 3D-cakes — lecture
  • How to calculate the required amount of sugar paste for covering a cake
  • Rolling out sugar paste, colouring, covering and smoothing out the cake
  • Assembling simple decorations, borders, edges, flounces, drapes and bows. Use of Patchwork moulds.
  • Sugar paste appliqués
  • Modelling of human figures
  • Assembling, balancing and attachment of multi-layer cakes

Royal Icing (2 days)

  • Preparation and storage. Different consistencies.
  • Borders, edges and simple flowers (using nozzles)
  • Colour Flow (piping of a runny royal icing into an outlined shape)
  • “lace” and “bridges”
  • “embroidery”

Sugar Flowers (2 days)

  • Sugar paste: colouring, handling
  • Floral wire (proper choice and use)
  • Flower holders
  • Flower leaves and stems
  • Rose bases
  • Roses
  • Fillers
  • Colouring with powdered dyes
  • Arranging of bouquets

PRICE 650 EUR. 100% prepayment during 7 days after registration.


26.01.2015 - 31.01.2015
All Day

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