Please read this before you order a cake

  • All our cakes are made in a specially equipped bakery strictly following all sanitary norms. Our company is certified by the Veterinary and Food Board (cert.  #1800).
  • We use only the freshest products in making our cakes: real cream (no vegetable fats), chocolate, the best butter, fresh fruits and berries (when they are in season) and nuts. Please store our products at +2°C — +6°С and order the cake for the day you would like eat it. Sugar paste and marzipan figures can be stored for 12-18 months at +5°C — 25°С.
  • We use marzipan and sugar paste for decoration (covering the cake and making figures). We use only food colourings which are legal in the EU. Unfortunately, some research showed that artificial coloring agents might aggravate ADD and ADHD symptoms and cause allergic reactions in children. Please consider this information if you order cakes for children, especially those under six years.
  • When you order a cake, please mention any allergies. The most common allergies are to nuts, eggs, honey, chocolate and citrus fruits.
  • It is important to us that your cake arrives to its destination undamaged. Multi-layered cakes (2+ layers) are always strengthened with wooden sticks. Do not forget to remove them before you start cutting the cake. Figures are also strengthened with wooden toothpicks. Floral wire is used in making most sugar flowers.
  • The price of the cake depends on its comlexity and it is finalised after the desigh is agreed upon. Chocolate cakes are 10% more expensive. Each cake has its own unique design, and we try not to reuse the designs. If you are ordering a wedding cake, a personal meeting for discussing the details of the design is highly recommended.
  • The minimal weight of a cake is 3 kg and 8 kg for a wedding cake (in summer). We offer free delivery in Tallinn for orders over 110€. Wedding cakes are delivered only by us (30-40 minutes before serving). Delivery in Estonia is possible with extra pay.
  • The recommended weight of a cake is 200 grammes × number of guests (150 grammes in the case of children). It might seem to be too much; however, in cakes decorated with sugar paste the weight of the sugar paste itself and of the decorations might compose up to 15% of the weight of the cake.
  • The minimal height of a layer is 8-9 cm. If you would like a lower cake, please specify its height.